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We are  small family run music school with a big vision. We know that learning music has a multitude of benefits both academically and socially for children. We are passionate about what we do and want to share our musical skills to help enable children and adults develop a passion for life. Our music school is based on a new concept of music education providing a musical journey from birth to adulthood. We aim to deliver high quality musical education built on proven teaching methodologies whilst helping develop and enhance transferable skills useful for wider learning. Our music school was  founded in 2018 by teacher, Nicole Tonner. The Arbroath based school is now provides music instruction to over 150 pupils and has now expanded to a second studio in Dundee, Music Lessons Dundee. 

Meet the Team 

MLA|School of Music


3-5 Millgate, Arbroath

Angus, DD11 1NN


Tel: 077249464900

Email: info@musiclessonsangus.com


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