Join Music Lessons Angus in our musicianship program for all ages. Children are able to progress through our staged music classes as they progress and grow. We have an ever growing choice of instruments to learn and classes to attend to suit all  abilities and interests. Our students develop performance skills from an early age with the opportunity to perform in our formal an informal school concerts. 

Class fees are paid in advance, in half term or full term blocks. All classes are priced individually and must be booked in advance.

For class descriptors see below.

Baby & Toddler Class

Newborn - 3years

An interactive class for babies and young toddlers featuring multi-sensory stimulus through singing movement, playing instruments as well as experiencing live music in class. Music classes for this stage are designed to promote language development, memory, co-ordination and rhythm. Class includes action songs and rhymes and uses props such as scarfs and puppets to engage the child in music making. A great way to kick start a love for music and learn musical activities that parents and guardians can do at home. 

Early Keys 

Age  5- 7 

Piano and keyboard is such a popular instrument and this class offers children  aged 5-7 and early introduction to the instrument. Using a variety of games and fun activities, pupils develop familiarity with the instrument in a more relaxed environment suited to the younger learner. In small groups of five, children will be introduced slowly to music notation, basic technique and develop rhythm and pitch. Progression from this class would be our keyboard classes or piano lessons. 

Vocal Class

Primary 4 + 

A great class for the young and inspiring vocalist. This class will build on skills and explore the key elements of music – rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics through musical games and singing using the Kodlay teaching methodology. This class will include vocal warm ups, development of healthy vocal technique, and enjoying suitable repertoire from a variety of different genres including, pop, musical theatre and classical. Solo and group performance opportunities will be available as well as the opportunity to compete in local competitions. Love to sing - well this class is for you! 

Ukulele Class

Primary 4 +  

This class will build on skills and explore the key elements of music – rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics through musical games, singing and playing ukulele. Children will learn to read and play chords through TAB as well as standard musical notation. This is a fun class for all the family. We have two ukulele groups - Beginner and intermediate to allow for progression. Children are also encouraged to consider guitar as the grow older and can manage a larger instrument.  We advise that after a few weeks that children have access to their own instrument to enable them to practice class content at home.


Ages 3-5

Classes build on previous experience and aim to internalise pitch and rhythm. A high energy interactive class which encourages children to learn through rhythm, rhyme and instrumental songs and games. It helps promote development of key social skills that will prepare them for school or future music classes including; turn-taking, following instructions, sharing and building positive relationships. An excellent preparatory class to develop musical skills that aid the uptake of music lessons or classes in the future.

Junior Vocal Class

Primary 1-3 

This class is a fun and energetic class that uses singing, playing percussion instruments and musical games to help introduce the basic principles of music. Using Kodlay and Dalcrose teaching methodologies, we will explore pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, and introduce basic musical notation in fun and creative ways. This is the perfect class for your little music maker to enjoy and prepare for the up take of a musical instrument or vocal lessons available in the next class group.

Early Strummers

Ages 5-7

A ukulele and guitar class designed for the younger learner which aims to develop the basic skills required to play guitar and ukulele through a fun games and activities. Taught is small groups of 5. this class will build finger strength, co-ordination, introduce strumming and finger picking. An excellent introductory class that can progress to instrumental lessons or next stage group classes.

Keyboard Class

Primary 4 + 

Keyboard is a popular instrument for children to learn largely as it is inexpensive and easy for young fingers to play. Come along to our group keyboard class where you will learn to read music, develop rhythm and develop early keyboard skills. Great way to learn a keyboard instrument and excellent introduction to the piano. Classes are in groups of 10max. All children will have access to an instrument for the whole duration of the class. It is recommended that pupils have access to a keyboard or piano to practice on in-between classes. We have several keyboard classes which vary in age and level. 



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